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  • Optimal Heat Distribution
  • High Quality Cordierite Stone
  • Guarantees a crispy pizza base

Our High-Quality STONE

Do you love Italian pizza? Then transform your SKOTTI into a blazing hot pizza oven. Our STONE, made from high-quality material (fine-pored cordierite stone), is not only a master of heat distribution but also a champion in terms of durability and quality. The care of the stone is incredibly simple – a little water is enough, and it's ready for the next baking adventure. Not just for pizza lovers, but also for bread bakers and pastry fans, the STONE is a real gain.

The STONE turns you into a pizza baker!

Hey there, pizza friends and grill masters – buckle up because here comes the latest must-have for your outdoor cooking arsenal: the SKOTTI STONE! Forget soggy pizza bases and undercooked dough – with the STONE, it's getting serious in the world of crispy delights! Look forward to the perfect pizza, without much effort.

Become a Pizza Pioneer

With the STONE, you can transform your SKOTTI into a real Italian stone oven – anywhere in the world! Whether in your home garden, wild camping, or on the hike of the year, your pizza will get a gold medal in flavor, making even the pizzaiolo in Naples jealous.

Multitalent Instead of the Same Old

Whether you want to bake bread, make the perfect tarte flambée, or roast your vegetables to perfection – the STONE is your culinary partner in crime for everything that needs to be crispy and juicy at the same time.

Cleanliness in Record Time

After the feast? Just wipe it with a damp cloth! The STONE is super easy to clean – a bit of water is enough, and done.

Evenly Browned Instead of Burnt

Even heat is the secret of every perfect pizza. The STONE is your master of temperature, for a pizza without "Oops, too dark" corners.

No More Sticky Dough

Thanks to the rough surface of the STONE, the dough stays where it belongs – and does not stick to the stone. Your hands stay clean, and your pizza looks like it's straight out of a gourmet magazine.

Your Way to the Perfect Pizza!

Get your SKOTTI ready and place the pizza stone in the center, using the three stainless steel parts. Preheat your SKOTTI Grill with the STONE and the CAP. Remove either a side part or a head part of the CAP, so the SKOTTI functions like a real pizza oven.

Whether you love classics like Margherita, enjoy a rich Quattro Stagioni, or create your own creative concoction – our pizza stone is your ticket to an authentic, Italian taste miracle. And the best part? It's super easy to handle! In no time, you'll be making pizzas that not only taste heavenly but also amaze your guests. Get ready to become the undisputed pizza master. Let the pizza party begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the STONE pizza stone to prepare dishes other than pizza?

Absolutely! The STONE pizza stone is a real all-rounder. Besides classic pizza, it is excellent for tarte flambée, bread, and roasting vegetables. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool for all grill and baking enthusiasts.

How long do I need to preheat the pizza stone before I can bake the pizza on it?

For the optimal baking result, we recommend preheating the STONE pizza stone on your SKOTTI gas grill together with the SKOTTI Cap for about 10 minutes. This way, it reaches the ideal temperature to give your pizza the perfect, crispy base.

Transport Dimensions:

  • Length: 165 mm
  • Width: 240 mm
  • Height: 10 mm (Height with holder 14 mm)
  • Weight: 994 g
  • Material: Cordierite stone, stainless steel