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  • Ultra-functional Outdoor Grill
  • A true lightweight: weighs only 1.9 kg
  • Extremely flat packed: 2.5 cm
  • Powered by gas, charcoal & wood

Our ultra-mobile SKOTTI Mini Grill is waiting for you. It will make your next outdoor adventure unforgettable! Be fascinated by a grill that redefines the limits of mobility. Compact enough to take anywhere, yet powerful enough to satisfy your hunger for grilled delicacies.

SKOTTI Mini – Full Power Ahead

Our red-hot SKOTTI Mini Grill not only fires up with wood and charcoal, but can also be used with gas in combination with the SKOTTI Booster. A true all-rounder for outdoor fans.

Option 1 - the Hobo Set-Up: Imagine firing up your SKOTTI Mini easily with branches and logs from the side in the Hobo Set-Up and using it like a grill on which you can cook, grill, steam, smoke, or bake. Cool, right?

Option 2 - the Gas Grill Set-Up: Want to prepare your meal even faster and cleaner? Then you can transform the SKOTTI Mini into a gas grill in no time. Just place the SKOTTI Booster underneath the Mini and you're ready to go!

Whether in the park, at the beach, or on the peak of your favorite mountain – the SKOTTI Mini becomes the centerpiece of every outdoor adventure. Experience the freedom to grill anywhere without compromising on quality or performance. But wait, it gets even better! It comes in the classic SKOTTI design – chic, sleek, and absolutely iconic. And because we know you like to experiment, this grill works wonderfully with conventional cooking vessels or our Boxes. Whether grilling, cooking, or braising – the SKOTTI Mini makes it all possible.

In short: Our Mini is not only a loyal companion but a real statement. Show the world that a true adventurer lies within you, who shies away from no challenge.

How Our SKOTTI Mini Excels

From unmatched mobility and versatile preparation options to easy operation – there are so many reasons to fall in love with the Mini. Let’s take a look at the countless advantages of this ultra-mobile grill and discover how it revolutionizes your grilling routine and outdoor sessions:

  • Flexibility is his middle name: Use the Mini with conventional cooking utensils or SKOTTI accessories (pots, pans, planchas, cups, cafeterina – all allowed) 
  • Quality is a priority: Made from high-quality stainless steel (3 mm rust) 
  • Easy peasy cleaning: Just pop it in the dishwasher and relax 
  • Cooking on different levels: For even more cooking, grilling, and baking fun
  • Ready anytime: Assembled in under a minute
  • Cooking sessions without gas: Cooking works even with dry fuel cubes or a spirit burner

The Power Combo: Mini & Booster

Discover the impressive features of our compact grill, which together with the SKOTTI Booster revolutionizes grilling. The following highlights make the combo a must-have for every grill fan:

  • Gas function thanks to our BOOSTER camping stove: Our SKOTTI Mini offers maximum performance in minimal space. The BOOSTER technology fires up the Mini, allowing you to achieve first-class grilling results anywhere.
  • Clean and ultra-fast firing: Forget long wait times for the fire to start. With the Booster, you’re ready for grilling pleasure within minutes. Its gas function provides clean firing without annoying smoke or ash.
  • Everything your heart desires: Whether grilling juicy steaks, gently cooking vegetables, or preparing a delicious stew – Mini and Booster make it possible.
  • Finely adjustable heat control: Adjust the temperature precisely to your needs with the precise heat control. Whether searing at high heat or gently cooking at low temperatures – the power combo gives you full control over the grilling/cooking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the SKOTTI Mini so special?

This little guy is the Swiss army knife among compact grills! Whether gas, wood, or charcoal – he takes them all on. Combined with the BOOSTER and its clever design, it's perfect for grilling with gas: quickly assembled and always ready. So, grab your SKOTTI Mini and become a grill hero wherever you are!

Does the SKOTTI Mini work without the Booster?

Of course. You can use your SKOTTI Mini without the Booster. Whether with wood, charcoal, or simply a spirit burner – this grill is as flexible as a circus acrobat. With or without the Booster, your grilling pleasure remains unspoiled. So, light the flame and let it rip!

Do I have to be a pro to operate the SKOTTI Mini?

Absolutely not, because the SKOTTI Mini is like your best buddy: uncomplicated and always there for you! Whether you're an outdoor pro or a grilling newbie – with a few simple steps, he’s ready for the big adventure. Just put it together, add fuel or attach gas, and off you go.

Technical Data

Grill area (L x W): 24 cm x 16.5 cm
Assembled dimensions (L x W x H): 25 cm x 17.5 cm x 14.5 cm
Weight without bag: 1.9 kg
Material: 304 stainless steel

SKOTTI Booster not included in delivery.